Turn feedback chaos into strategic action.

Anecdote is an AI-powered feedback analytics platform purpose-built for Product Ops, Product Managers and CX teams to uncover a goldmine of insights from their customers' feedback.


Pinpoint bugs and user experience issues

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Near Real-Time Bug Detection and Alerts

Vigilantly monitor your customer feedback for bugs or critical user experience issues, empowering your team with instant Slack alerts.

Key Benefits

  • Respond faster, reducing customer churn.
  • Analyze and prioritize bugs based on severity.
  • View all bugs in a single dashboard and address them one by one.
Pinpoint bugs and reduce churn

Features that help you grow with your customers

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SOC-2 Type II Certified

Anecdote is SOC-2 Type II certified and regularly performs penetration tests, ensuring top-notch security and protection for customer data, upholding our commitment to data integrity and trust.

Slack Integration

Get daily updates on bugs and customer feedback directly in your Slack.

Bug analysis

Pinpoint bugs and user experience issues.

Semantic search

Search for anything - it's as easy asking a question about your feedback.

Survey and chat

Plug in surveys and NPS and ask questions about the data.

Feature requests

Uncover your customers most in demand feature requests - prioritize accordingly.

Synced user accounts

Work together with the whole team on all of your customer feedback or silo if needed.

Customer feedback made simple and actionable with AI.

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Automated AI tagging at scale

We automatically cluster and tag all of your customer feedback from over 65 different sources and present it in an easy-to-use hub.

Benefits for Your Team

  • You can focus on strategy and execution
  • Feedback is turned into practical steps that helps your product growth
  • Feedback is centralized in a single unified customer feedback hub, saving your team valuable time
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What our Customers say

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"Anecdote's ability to analyze feedback in multiple languages, particularly Arabic, has been a game-changer for us at Bank Al Etihad. It's allowed us to really listen to and understand a wider range of customers, making our services more inclusive and accessible”

Ledi Lapaj
Director Customer Experience, Bank-Al-Etihad
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“The ability to connect all of our customer data from Intercom, Mixpanel, and our mobile apps, has been great - It gave us better visibility on users' behaviour and how to better serve their needs and address their pain points”

Saleh Alaqeel
COO, Abyan Capital

Shift from 'What' to 'Why' and 'How

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Become more customer-centric

Get every detail about your customers feedback in an easy-to-use dashboard, giving you deeper insights on what makes them tick.

Key Benefits

  • AI clustering pinpoints trends, bugs, and pain points across sources.
  • Early detection of legal threats, churn risks, and fraud.
  • Supports proactive risk management and mitigation.

Uncover a goldmine of customer insights you didn't even know existed.