Customer insights in a snap
Stop relying on Anecdotes and empower your team to quickly understand your customer feedback utilizing AI and ChatGPT like experience
Say goodbye to outdated, ineffective methods and embrace a new era insights
Embedding based clustering
Powered by “Large Language Models” superior unsupervised clustering that can detect nuances and interesting insights for product and CX teams like never before.

Natural semantic search

Enable ChatGPT like Q&A and validate any hypothesis and get instant insights on your customers’ feedback.

No code integrations
Instant ingestion from 30+ tools for customer support, chat, NPS surveys and quantitative insights. 

Anomaly Detection

Near-realtime for any suspicious volume change in your clusters.

Used by teams that care about their customers
Product Teams
Get clarity on your roadmaps for confident decision-making
Customer Experience Teams
Stay ahead of the game with customer insight at your fingertips. No more excel sheets for analysis
Management Teams
Customized insights for the matters that matter the most
Built by folks from these companies who wanted to change how teams deal with customer feedback
Empowering customer-obsessed teams with insightful customer feedback