Never miss a customer pain point again
Anecdote is an AI-powered feedback analytics platform purpose-built for Product, CX, and Engineering teams to uncover a goldmine of insights from their customers' feedback.
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Turn Feedback Chaos into Strategic Action
Anecdote - Instantly identify bugs in your customer feedback | Product Hunt
Trusted by top-tier brands obsessed with their customers
Instantly discover new bugs
Get hidden bug and customer pain point reports delivered into your slack in minutes

Uncover NPS, CSAT, and sentiment drivers with semantic search

Unlock the "why" from customer experiences

Integrate 50+ sources of feedback
Say goodbye to endless hours spent on manually tagging each feedback story, connect multiple sources

Use one single source of truth

Uncover trends and insights you didn't even know existed

Loved by teams that care about their customers
Product Teams
Get clarity on absolutely everything relating to your customer feedback, in seconds.
Customer Experience Teams
Stay ahead of the game with customer insights at your fingertips. No more time consuming manual tagging.
Engineering Teams
Customised insights for your products and apps that show you everything from bugs to feature requests.
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Uncover a goldmine of customer insights you didn't even know existed.
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